Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So in the days spent waiting for the parts.. our Angolan visas expired. And we reckoned that if the Consulate in Mongu cant help us. We going to head home… Lusaka Embassy was not a option for our patience.

In Mongu we spend two days at the consulate… talking explaining. Waiting. So the end of the second day… we are called into the Consulates office himself. With his Portuguese translator we have a meeting explaining the importance to explore a route from Lusaka to Luanda. He understands and issues us our Visas in no time.

Parts arrived and with a new Fuel pump my bike is as good as new.

We head out of Mongu in the afternoon over the flood plane to Kolabo.

Mongu wedding

Teachers day

a rest in the flood plains. Close to the kings palace.

Crossing the Zambezi

moerrig want dis warm

the flood plane road in only accessable during the dry season. Its completely eroded at some parts. But the bikes don’t mind it.

In Kalabo we stayed in the house of Craig Reid of Africa Parks. Graig has left Liuwa and now stays in Hogsback (KZN). Thanks to George for the hospitality in Kalabo.