Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First thing was my off. It happened in the Limpopo province on our way to an old family friend of Dad’s.
This photo was taken just after it happened. And no more fancy BMW mirrors for me.

Joseph trying to fix the mirrors and some of the kids in the area. We camped on his stoep that night. And enjoyed some pap en vleis.

a Picture of my Grandfather and a cousin inside Joseph’s house.
Visiting my fathers friends near Makado.

On our way to Beitbridge to enter Zimbabwe.
Road side coffee break in Zim… that a passing by trucker at the next fuel stop advised us not to do. “Zimbabwe is a safe country… but do not create a situation for crime”
"Triangle" a pretty little town in Zimbabwe.
Erick Ndava is a Zimbabwean employee here at tracks4africa… and the idea was to go visit his parents. They live close to a Village called Zaka.
They received us with the best hospitality that any 5 star accommodation could offer.
Ericks mom… Humirritas making supper: Sadsa (mieliepap) meat and vegetables.
Breakfast the next morning… truly free-range eggs.

a photo for Erick back in South Africa
Popped in to see the Great Zimbabw ruins.
a Road side stop at a primitive Restaurant… we had pap en vleis… two beers… all for R40!!!!
The custom in Zim and Zambia is to eat with your hands… it didn’t take us long to get into that.
A guesthouse manager near Bulawayo had eager ears and he will hear the philosophy behind the Africa Vision opposed to the European Vision most of us are grown up too… and weather you qualify as a non African or a African.
the future of Zimbabwe… all going to school all the time. (the questhouse manager's son)

Bolawayo Zimbabwe
Matopos Nature reserve south of Bulawayo
Me doing the things that most woman do… like baking.

sightseeing the next day on our way to Hwange.

Hwange National Park.

Hwange national park a friend of mine Ester van der Meer is doing her doctorate research on Wild dogs. Me sick in bed because dad baught us a burger in Halwayhouse. He had the privilege to accompany Ester in Darting a dog and stitch up a bitten ear. And she is not a vet!

On our way to Livingstone

In Zambia the first loss of power in my bike resulted in a filter cleanup operation.
Notice all the junk that came out on the gravel in front of me. Solved the problem for the next two days.

Waiting the heat of the day over at a village that contained a police road block… for security.

A lovely flood plane road to Kafue National Park

crossing Kafue

fancy lodge in Itezi-tezi

On our way to Mukambi Safari Lodge at a vet gate… once locals understand were we come from and were we are going
They pull out chairs and send someone to buy cokes.

Having towed in my bike the last 16km to Mukambi we tried a few things like replacing the filter with a boat filter
Replacing the spark plugs etc. to no Avail… so we ordered a list of parts including Petrol Pump from South Africa and ended up waiting for it for 10 days.
Lucky we are in the good company of Linda and Jacques van Heerden. The Managers of the lodge. They took bloody good care of us.
And this is a stopover never to be missed.