Tuesday, June 7, 2011

crossing into Angola

Heading to Sikongo… the border village. According to our resources the road should be good gravel. The first bran new track data for the T4A map.

We hooked up with the Zambian border official Lutangu Awola. He stamps our passports… and we start chatting once again avoiding midday heat under a tree.

most people understand… we map… and share with our friends the information.

the border official insists that we stay the night because the day just don’t cool down at all. He organizes us water and a bed.
And also tells us that in 20 years the village existed… they have never seen tourist.

my bath… lost count how many times it happened like this. No problem.

the border official also organizes us a guide… to show us the motorbike trail to the border 30km away… because were the cars go
its sandy. Early the next morning they are ready when we are ready.

following them religiously we realize what a good investment the 50 USD that we gave them were… there was no way that we would have been able to find the single trail… that is rock hard and it took us 30min to get to the border. Firstly dropping of something off at a village on the way.

just before the border our guide’s chain breaks… takes him 10 min to slam it back together. Surely a new chain and sprocket was
bought with those dollars.

Finally in Angola…photo with the wife of Police Commandant at the Malundu border.

he sells us petrol at a PRICE

his son

the official also offers us accommodation and food… but we decide to head to Ninda… 70km deep sand and the day was still cool.
He guides us into Angola for about 4km… and we soon came to realize that over time… the officials riding only with their bikes anyway.
Has made a single trail that crosses over the sandy jeep track every now and again… that is harder and less sandy. The trail sometimes goes into the bush… and it makes perfect places to take breaks.

crossing the jeep track

so… the day turns HOT… and we decide to make camp… 40km as the crow flies from Ninda… we heard that its gravel from there to Lumbala.

We find a village and immediately go and make friends with the chief. We explain were we come from and what we doing… he is fine with us camping there for the night…

We ask one guy that can speak a bit of English for DRINKING water… he disappears… and after a hour or so I’m thinking he forgot about us. 3 Hours later… here he comes walking with 10 liters of water… were he got that water we don’t know… but it was good. And we gave him a tip after he refused it.

after the boy stopped crying out of pure fright of the sight of a white person for the first time in his life… I made use of my first aid kit… not sure what he had… not sure if it helped…

nie my gunsteling

they push the albino girl in front… for the photo… maybe because… she looks like us.

the most entertainment these guys had in a long time… baking another bread.

next morning final stretch to Ninda

two kilometers from ninda… the day also gets to hot to ride… but we are determined.