Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Angola, Lumbala N'guimbo

The road from Ninda north was infact tar.

this we call the coca cola photo

a tar road never used by cars.

There are many highlights of the trip for me but the best is the hospitality shown towards us in Lumbala L’Guimbo. First thing we went to the Police Commandant and made friends with him. Wouter told me to just look tired. And that was not very difficult. The commandant organized us a place to sleep at the Roman Catholic missionary in town. There, three sisters took care of us. Fed us gave us water to bath. There is no way to explain how we were received. And while I write about it it brings me to tears. They did not want to accept money. So we insisted it’s a donation for the Church. And only then did they take it.

a English speaking ex Zambian… turned into our guide and showed us the markets were I got some supplies.

my three sisters… from heaven.