Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ok… so the reason the Ninda Lumbala road was in such a good condition is truly because it has no traffic.
The same tar turns bad after Lumbala… and sometimes worse than bad…

Lucusse town… everywere we stop… people gather… harmless only very very curious. Trying to chat but soon realizes we do not do portuquese.

evidence of civil war is everywere.

land mine warnings.

my luggage rack fails above the potholes.

the beautiful town of Luena. Were we had a hotel to sleep in. Caution: flees.

this picture I took…

… while I was sitting here:

I wonder a lot… how can trucks and cars handle this for hundreds and hundreds of kilometers.

and then all of a sudden… Chinese road

waterfalls in Dala

on our way to Saurimo Chinese road disappears just as it appeared.

replacing a fuse in Saurimo

my police escorts