Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We spend a whole morning in Saurimo trying to get my luggage rack welded. so we only left the afternoon and decided to stay over in a place called Caculo. There the same story... police referred us to the missionary... and once again... received the best of the best. Pastor John and Pastor Sunny... kept us company and told us their understanding of the war that happened in Angola.

I got some time to update my journal.

a sneak photo of the police station… not allowed to take pictures of police… unless they allow it.

We head out of Caculo for the Calandula Waterfalls after Pastor Sunny suggested it.

all the way Chinese road.

refuel in Malange

hotel in Calandula

the mist is from the waterfalls

After Calandula we headed out to Luanda… once there we found a bar on the coast.

Carlos Teixeira a Tracks4africa data member that rides a F800. The closest dealership for him is Windhoek which is 2500km away.

if someone should ask me to describe Angola in one word… it will be CONSTRUCTION!

From Luanda To Lobito


free camping next to the restaurant in Lobito